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Robinhood is a discount broker headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Like the famous medieval legend, this broker undercuts much of the US-focused competition by providing commission-free stock, ETF, option, and cryptocurrency trading.

Its account minimum is $0, and it’s known for its easy-to-use interface. There is nothing blocking a legal US resident from opening an account save an internet issue.

But what about residents outside the USA? This article will delve into whether Robinhood works outside the USA, what its expansion plans are, and what are the leading alternatives. Let’s get to it.

Is Robinhood available internationally?

Unfortunately, Robinhood is unavailable internationally: it is only available to legal US residents.

However, has recently opened a UK waiting list as it plans to open in the UK in early 2024. But if you still want to open a Robinhood account, a common question we receive is: would a VPN help?

Robinhood countries

Can You Use a VPN to Open a Robinhood Account From Outside the USA?

No, a VPN can only offer access to Robinhood’s platform and not in any way facilitate an account opening since the broker requests a valid ID. Proving US residency remains an essential requirement. No VPN is able to sidestep this requirement–only shift your IP.

Robinhood Alternatives for International Investors

We found four incredible alternatives for international investors:

      • Interactive Brokers: Founded in 1978, IBKR continues to lead as the globe’s unofficial broker. IBKR offers minimal trading commissions, plus access to thousands of mutual funds and exceptional research. There is no account minimum.
      • eToro: While also providing commission-free trading for US-listed stocks and ETFs, this broker leads the charge for “social investing,” or the option to automatically copy the trades of other investors. They provide access to the world’s major cryptos for a 1% commission. All for a minimum investment of $50.
        eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.
      • This relatively new online broker from the UK specializes in CFDs, or “Contracts for Differences,” and requires a basic minimum investment of $20. CFDs provide exposure to profits or losses without conferring asset ownership. However, over 80% of traders lose money using CFDs with this broker. also offers commission-free stock trading.
      • Nextmarkets: From Germany, Nextmarkets provides access to shares from 52 countries, including US stocks and ETFs, while charging €1 for trades below €250 and nothing for over €250. CFDs are also available. Like Robinhood, the minimum deposit required is €0.

    With only one acquisition under its belt, we cannot expect a Robinhood to be available internationally anytime soon.. However, the discount broker did announce it wishes to provide crypto access to everyone internationally. Therefore, Ziglu definitely appears to be the start of a major European expansion for Robinhood, with crypto preceding traditional asset classes.

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