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Welcome, investors! You’re likely here because you’re wondering if the promising trading platform, Trade Republic, is available in Switzerland.

Trade Republic announced an expansion into 11 European countries in 2022. But, and here’s the bitter pill, Switzerland was not on that list. This means, Trade Republic is currently not available in Switzerland.

But don’t get discouraged! In this article, we present to you four handpicked alternatives to Trade Republic that are available in Switzerland and that you should consider. Buckle up and let’s dive together into the world of Swiss investment platforms.

Is Trade Republic available in Switzerland?

No, Trade Republic is currently not available in Switzerland. While the company has announced expansion into Europe, there is currently no official confirmation about when Trade Republic will be available in Switzerland.

While some investors may be tempted to use a VPN or other methods to circumvent geographic restrictions to open a Trade Republic account, this may not be advisable and could violate the platform’s terms of use. Furthermore, upon registration, users will have to submit documents that prove their residence in one of the countries where Trade Republic operates. Thus, it is impossible to open a Trade Republic account if you’re based in Switzerland.

However, there are other investment platforms available in Switzerland that offer similar features and benefits to Trade Republic. In this article, we will introduce four such alternatives for the year 2024.

Trade Republic Alternatives for Swiss investors

  • Swissquote: The leading broker in Switzerland.
  • eToro: While also providing commission-free trading for US-listed stocks and ETFs, this broker leads the charge for “social investing,” or the option to copy the trades of other investors automatically. They provide access to the world’s major cryptos for a 1% commission. All for a minimum investment of $50.
    eToro is a multi-asset investment platform. The value of your investments may go up or down. Your capital is at risk. Investing involves risk of loss.
  • Interactive Brokers: One of the world’s most reputable brokers. Recently launched IBKR Global Trader, a user-friendly mobile app that targets beginner investors.
  • XTB: Primarily a CFD and forex broker, XTB is one of the biggest online brokers in Europe.
  • DEGIRO: One of the leading online brokers in Europe due to its low-cost structure. It offers commission-free ETF trading (external fees apply) and a wide product portfolio.
Broker Minimum Deposit Best for
Swissquote 0 € Best overall
eToro 50 € Commission-free investing in real stocks and ETFs and social trading
Interactive Brokers 0 € Advanced investors
XTB 0 € Forex & CFDs


In conclusion, it can be said that although Trade Republic is currently not available in Switzerland, there are still a multitude of alternatives that allow you access to global markets. Each of the four platforms we have presented offers unique benefits and features tailored to the needs of modern investors. From user-friendly apps to advanced trading tools, the selection is abundant and diverse.

And now it’s your turn! Use the information we have provided you and take the next step on your investment journey. Explore these platforms, compare their offerings and make an informed decision that meets your investment goals. Remember, the key to successful investing is to always stay informed and to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you. So, don’t be discouraged, but see the challenge as an opportunity. On to new investment horizons!

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